Saturday, January 9, 2010

been some time!

its been some time since i have posted something. well lots have happened so I'm not really going to go into much detail because well i don't have time because i should be cleaning.So in June i went to Florida with 2 of my best friends and it was magical because we were at Walt Disney world and it was the best!!! i cant wait to go back! umm i started to date this amazing guy named Kody who i got engaged to on sept 12th and then we were married on December 4th. the wedding was everything i i could ever wanted Kody did an amazing job planning it and it looked amazing! and well we got married in the Las Vegas temple and wow it looks amazing in there!but the first temple i got to go to was the San Diego temple and wow still my favorite but Vegas is the second just because i got married there :) umm then Kody and i went on a cruise to the Mexican Rivera and that was amazing i loved every second of it but the return... we were going so fast it felt like an earthquake i could not get away from! and i may have been a little scared to were kody might have permeate marks on his arms from me holding on.. oops! umm then we came back to Vegas and we have our own house here and it is amazing we have painted it and we are making it into a home and i love it! we got to go to out family ward for the first time last week and i have to say it was a little strange and i will have to get use to it because i was so use to singles wards but don't get me wrong i love the fact I'm no longer in the singles ward! well i should get to cleaning before the husband gets home!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Things are looking up... once again!

Ok so I have been super busy. this weekend has been awesome but lets see where to start. umm the past week has been good. Um hmmm Went to the movies and saw Watchmen with my friend nick. It was a ok movie, WAY to long there is no need for a movie to be almost 3 hours long.... then had a good week at work. Umm nothing really happened during the work week to report. now i had a AWESOME 3 day weekend. I decided to start it early and leave work early on Thursday. hehe and i got to go shopping with Aria for Charlottes birthday gift. It was fun, and i got to keep her till like 10 so that is always good :)Then on Friday I took charlotte for the whole day for her birthday and we went shopping watched a movie and had lunch and dinner and it was tons of fun. I may have gotten into a little trouble with the shopping but we talked ourselves into saying that it was not a bad things haha then today I got my hair done and that took way too long but it looks nice... it Will take some getting use to. Then the family went to Maggianos a very good Italian restaurant that somewhat looks over the strip but not really it kinda depends on where you sit. Like when my friend Chris and I went we had a window seat that looked over it and it was very nice. We did not have a window seat this time. Um lets see tomorrow is Church and then I am going out to dinner with my friend Nick for his birthday... "always get your friends birthday cards or they might talk you into taking them to dinner." But I have to say I really hope im not getting my hopes up but I have been really sad because well I really want to go into the military because well it does hold a special place next to my heart its something i have always wanted to do and i pray about it all the time well I had gotten the do it answer and move to Cali to work with the sergeant out there and it was amazing they helped me out tons. then i got the no dont do it answer that i decided not to pay any attention to because well i was almost there BCT was in sight. so i got my ankle broken and BCT was no longer in sight and so i always pray to see maybe the answer will change back to yes one day.... WELL!!!!!!! I have not been in any contact with any Sergeant and..... drum roll!!!! i had a sergeant from las vegas in the medical Field contact me saying they would like to talk to me to see what we can do to get me in!!!!!! so I shall be meeting with him sometime this week hopefully. I have a good feeling about it but i hope im not getting my hopes up. so my dreams of being in the military might actually come true now! ill keep you all posted!

Friday, February 27, 2009


Lets see where to start with the past week. Well I was sick last week and did nothing over the weekend so I would hopefully feel better for the week that was to come. Monday...... Thankyou calls...... 14 hour shift....... non stop getting yelled at.... Tuesday AMAZING!!!! from 7:30am to 12:00pm took Thankyou calls then at 12 is when something magical happened! We were no longer able to take calls so we had to turn all the customers away and have calls backs whatever you want to call them. but then they sent me home early and i only got 8 1/2 hours that day:( i would not have minded staying latter on Tuesday haha. Wednesday Thankyou calls..... 14 or 15 hour shift.. something like that getting yelled at..... and started to feel my throat start to hurt... awesome. Thursday..... Thankyou calls.... 15 hour shift getting yelled at by customers again.... throat still starting to feel it. Friday today..... 4 hours of sleep...... now hurts to talk!...... Thankyou calls 9 hour shift...... left work early because I was not thinking straight and was not even making any scenes haha and they did not want me to go off on some customers so they sent me home :) umm Saturday..... not sure how many shift but I am getting off at 4 and going to the dinner show thing shall be fun! Um yeah not much new to report besides i love the people i work with they are tons of fun.... and i CANT wait till June it really needs to be here pronto! umm hmm..... not sure.. so till next time! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just to start off with I don't know why i named this Kenji, maybe because my brother has me watching his fish while he is in cali. But lets see, things have been ok, been sick the past few days so that's always fun. I work in a call center so when one person gets sick we all get sick, its great fun..... *rolls eyes* so i am just going to blame getting sick on Nick because well i need someone to blame. Well ummm... not much has gone on, on Monday i went out to dinner and had CPK ( yummy goodness by the way ) and watched " he's just not that into you" that was an AWESOME movie and so true in so many ways! umm then on Tuesday i was sick so i did a lot of nothing so i decided to stay home and watch 1,2, and 3 of high school musical hehe and then went to sleep at like 8:30 to try and sleep off whatever i have. I am hoping to get to sleep early again tonight but i have the home teachers coming over and well you never know how long they will stay for, but i have some awesome home teachers so i don't mind. Work is umm.... work i am still getting yelled at on every call. I think my work is trying to suck up to us because they feel sorry for us so today they got us subway for lunch and then on Monday they have people coming in to give us a massage..... not that I'm complaining at all but they will also be giving us lunch again on Monday... once again not complaining at all! lets see I had lost a bet that i had with my friend at work and so now i have to take him to the movies :( Lame! so we are going to see "Watchmen" it better be good because i really don't want to use my free movie tickets on a lame movie but it looks like it will be ok, but i still would have rather won the bet because then he would have had to taken me to the movie of my choice and well that would have been better for me because then i would get to keep my free movie tickets and get a movie paid for. oh well.... well my head hurts same with everything else but have a good one!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Too many things.

Normally I would write down right now how lame things are at moments of my life, but then I had to take a step back and I have so many more amazing things to be grateful for instead. I have a job, great friends, amazing family, and just so many things to look forward to in life. I guess it kinda started Monday.... On Monday I went back to working my old department because they needed help. Well normally I would be sitting at work talking to my friends and I would be able to read my book, well now I am taking call after call after call and I really think my customers must think I'm stupid. Monday then got better when I got off work at 4pm instead of 9:30 pm and I got home to have my niece Aria come running into my arms. Then I took Charlotte and Aria home and then watched the" Notebook" ( super cute movie by the way ) well while watching Aria decided to fall asleep in my arms. Could it get any better than that? Then Charlotte and I talked for a few hours after that and then she tried to kick me out.... instead i stood outside her window dancing. hehehe Tuesday was a little better i knew what to expect from work so it was not so bad because i was now prepared. Then after work i went to Charlotte's, walked in once again to have Aria come running into my arms. Charlotte and I then went to my house and then to institute. Institute was great I'm surprised Charlotte did not get kicked out because she would not stop laughing.... not my fault.... ok maybe a little. After the class they had a dance. It was fun John and I forced Charlotte to dance :) but I did look like a dork while dancing..... its all good. Then today went to work once again it was ok because i knew what to expect. I still think its funny that the customers think I'm stupid. I had a customer tell me that I make booking travel fun.. all because when i was spelling her name back to her i spelt it in the military phonetic alphabet. I don't see what was so "fun" about it but ok happy to make booking travel fun. Then my last call of the day I had a customer that waited on the phone on hold for over an hour.... I guess its just me but if i was waiting on hold for that long, I would have the dates I want to leave, the names of the travelers, and the flight numbers all picked out. Well this customer knew he wanted to fly from EWR-TLV ( Newark NJ to Tel Aviv Israel) and he thought he knew the dates but was not sure and was not sure about times. Lets just say it took over and hour to book this guy. Well towards the end on the call the customer asked if my job gets annoying after a while? I told him no ( lied of course I could have been monitored) and why did he ask that? He told me because if he had my job and he had a customer like how he was he would have hung up the phone 20 minutes into the call. Right.... maybe he should have been prepared hehe. So then I get home to only having Kenya greeting me at the door. ( Kenya is my cat) I decided because i have a triathlon coming up in April I need to start running, and ill be running a marathon on May for breast cancer. Well while I was running i hurt my ankle again! I am starting to think that my ankle is never going to heal. :( Well hopefully it will be better by April because I'm still going to do the triathlon and ill still be doing the marathon, and in June I will be going to Orlando for a week and going to Walt Disney World! so my ankle has to be better by ... NOW! But there are so many more things to be HAPPY about so there you go. :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flame Throwing Marshmallows

Today, I lit a marshmallow on fire. Then, I flung it over the balcony. Then, I lit the marshmallow on fire again. Then, I flung it again like a flaming monkey. I got a little nervous when I heard the fire truck coming but luckily they were not coming for me..... So let's back up a little. The night started off by going over to Geoff and Charlottes. We watched movies and well tried to think of movies John has not seen because well hes been on his mission the past 2 years. Today was great because it was raining, so we went outside and Charlotte started talking about having a fire...... I decided that we then had to have smore's. When we were out there just so happens there was a lot of smoke and then a fire truck drives by and we and by we i mean Geoffrey, thought they were coming for us because at there apartments they cant have fires...... So then we moved it inside and Geoff started talking about his mission and got the mission photos out and then John showed us some of his mission photos. (I love mission storeys and pictures) ... Then ..... ummm not sure what more to write.... Tonight was fun! :)